We are Colorado Wild Horse Foundation. We are a recognized and registered 501c3 Colorado Nonprofit Organization created strictly for wild horses and burros in the State of Colorado.

Our officers include: Carole Huber, President and Michael Huber, CEO/Chairman of the Board. Both of them are the CWHF founders.

Our goals are to ensure Wild Horses and Burros are able to live a safe protected life whether living free on the range, or in a domestic situation after losing their freedom after a roundup.

We have immediate smaller plans to help horses that were removed from Sand Wash Basin (and other Colorado HMAs) in roundups this past year. We also plan to help Colorado Wild Horses that have found their way to unsafe or abusive homes, homes where their humans have fallen on hard times and need some help, or horses that have found their way into the horrific fate of a kill pen. We will work for the horses and burros so that they may live their best life possible.

Our mission is to help those who are voiceless, to give them a chance at a future free from abuse, neglect and the fear of being torn apart from their families.
We vow to fight for their rights and to help them live free on their home land and live and die on their own terms. Sometimes this can’t happen and they need help. We promise to be there to help them. If it’s being rescued from a holding facility, Fighting for their rights, saving them from an abusive situation, need of water, food, shelter or just a family to love them and give them the freedom to be a horse and provide them with safety. We vow to be there to help in their time of need.
We will work with sanctuaries, private families and other organizations to help provide and carry out our mission. With the help of donations, grants, our merchant store and other means in the works, we will succeed in our mission to be there for the Wild Mustangs and Burros of Colorado.

Our long term project is one of giant proportions in the way that it will help the Wild Horses (and Burros) in Colorado whether living free on the range or in Sanctuaries in Colorado. This project is currently being worked on, and because of the nature of the legal issues and legislation involved cannot be fully disclosed at this time. This project will be able to financially assist the Wild Horses and Burros in multifaceted ways by working with Sanctuaries, on range volunteer groups, the State of Colorado and even the BLM (as allowed/necessary), it may also impact individual animal lives greatly that have found homes not in Sanctuaries. We will push for legislation for harsher penalties for those that abuse/neglect Wild Horses and Burros or those that have unlawfully used them for personal financial gain.

There is so much more to come and we are very excited at what the future holds for Colorado Wild Horses and Burros. Please stay close and follow along/participate with us as we work towards a safer place for our wild friends, they need all of our support!

Thank you for your support as we embark on this long road ahead, we look forward to the journey and in changing equine lives for the better.

We have found our new facility and will be moving into it at the end of June 2023. "Savannah's Hope" is now a reality. Our new facility features an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, 6 stall barn with hay storage and feed room, 6 individual 2 acre runs each with shelter, electricity and running water. We will have a pasture area set aside for Burros as well with the same ameneties as the 6 large horse runs. There is an additional 20 acres of grazing pasture in the rear of the property. We will be able to help so many more wild horses and burros! There is also a community gathering / office building onsite for small events. We are super excited at all the possibilities this new property will allow us to acheive. As well laid out and ready as this property is we could use some help with some things. We need to get additional fencing purchased and installed, electric fencing needs to be bought and installed, the runs in the barn need gates at the end of each one and we also need some gates for the large runs, these need to be purchased. In addition to the aforementioned we need to get a six foot tall 60 foot diameter round pen for training. As always we will have a constant need for hay and grain for feeding, as well as donations for vet services and farrier services. We are working on getting a four-wheeler with small trailer for feeding and other chores as well as a small tractor. We can do the labor for all these projects, however, volunteers are always welcome to come help!
Any and all donations are not only greatly appreciated but are also tax deductible!

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We’re excited to share that our organization has earned a 2022 Gold Seal of Transparency with Candid!
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